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Using Placement to Update Your Business Information Across the Web

Change your business address, hours, phone number and more. Update your information across 60+ platforms around the internet.

1. Log in to your Dashboard at cloud.gosite.com

2. Once you’re logged in, click on the Placement Tab on the left.

Placement 1.001

3. Now that you’re in your Placement tool, click on “Edit Settings” on the upper right-hand side, as indicated in the image below. From there, you will be able to edit your address, phone number, email, hours, and more.

Placement 2.001

  • If you would like to see what your Live Listing looks like on a certain platform, then simply click on the eye icon in that specific row under the “View Listing” column.

4. Click on the pencil icon next to the section you are looking to edit. Then, start making your adjustments. Once you are done, click on save to update your settings.

Placement 3.001

  • For photos, click on the Photos tab
  • For videos, click on the Video tab
  • To adjust your business category, click on Categories
  • To adjust your hours, change the times and dates accordingly under “Business Hours.”

Always remember to press “Save” after any changes you make. Once you do, the changes will be disseminated across the web. Easily update your Business Information across all platforms, all in one place, with GoSite’s Placement tool!