How to Edit Notification Settings

Learn about how the dashboard works and how you will receive notifications from your customers.

Where to Find Notification Settings

1. First, click on the person icon to the top right of the dashboard and navigate to “Account Settings.”


2. Once on the Account Settings page click on the “Notification” tab.


3. From the menu below you are able to manage what kind of notifications you’d like to receive and how you would like to receive them.


Choosing Notification Types and Communication Channels

1. On the left-hand side of the menu you will see the column of notification types. These are the actions that customers take which you can choose to be notified about.


2. To the right of the notification types are different columns with all the ways you can receive those notifications. The first is the “Notification” column, which allows you to receive alerts directly into the dashboard. You can find these notifications on the very top right of the page by clicking on the small bell icon.


3. The next three columns allow you to receive notifications via SMS, Email, and through our mobile app.


4. Lastly, if you want to add another email address to receive notifications you can do so below the notification chart where it says “Additional Email.”


5. To finish up, click the blue “Update Settings” button!


If you'd like to see a video walkthrough of how to change notification settings, click below!