All About the GoSite Mobile App

This app was created for those on the go––use it for review requests, to send messages, and to schedule appointments.

The GoSite app is an appealing aspect of our software suite to many of our customers. From the app, you are able to view a number of your tools. The tools available to view on the app are your Reviews, Messages, Booking, and Insights. This article will include an overview of the many tools which we offer.


When you open the app, you will be taken to your Dashboard. Albeit a slightly different version of your dashboard than the one you see on your computer or laptop, the app offers a similar platform through which you can view your profile.

Your “Home” page shows all of your business information. By scrolling through, you will be able to view your location, phone number, email, business hours, holidays, and more. Click on “Business Description” to edit it. Click on “Payment Options” to turn on/off the various payment options that you accept. Click on “Featured Message” to add a quick promotion that clients can see. Click on “Additional Details” to edit your availability–normal or special business hours. Press Update to save these changes.

Home Screens

By tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left, you will open up a menu, as pictured below. Each tab in this menu has a different function, which will be outlined as we go through this article.



The Reviews tool allows you to view both your recent reviews and the review requests which you’ve sent out. From here, you will be able to view your reviews and send out new requests. To send out a new review request, tap the “+” icon in the top right of the reviews screen. You will be able to see your contacts if you press the small person icon, and send the review request to specific people. This tool is great for those on the go! Send out requests right after an appointment, after finishing up a long day, and whenever you have a free moment.



By clicking on the “Messages” tab, you will be able to view the messages that your clients have sent you. From here, you are able to send new messages, respond to clients, and re-engage old clients. You can even see where each message was sent from, as pictured below. The gray dot means that they are not active, and the green dot means that they are online and will likely see your response right away. The dots will only appear on messages sent through the dashboard.



The Booking feature allows you to view your appointments. You will be able to see the time slots, the client requesting the appointment, and more. You can also cancel and reschedule. You’ll need to go on your computer to create appointments, but luckily your clients will be able to schedule anywhere, anytime!



The Insights tool will allow you to see your performance on Google. You will be able to review your searches, views, actions, and calls. This tool gives you a quick glimpse into your performance on Google.

And, finally, the Help Center is always available for any additional questions which you may have. “Chat With Us” to speak to a real person and get live help with anything you’re wondering about. Please check out the rest of our Knowledge Base by clicking “Help” for more information.

help center.001

And there we have it! The mobile app offers a variety of functionalities that make it easier for you to run your business, on the go.