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                        POS mobile payments

                        Myths and Facts About POS Mobile Payments

                        When navigating through POS mobile payments, small businesses need to separate myths from facts. But with so many options, and technology changing ...
                        May 07, 2020 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards
                        company review sites

                        How to Improve Employee Ratings on Company Review Sites

                        Imagine having one former employee write a nasty comment on a company review site causing damage your online reputation and scare away your future ...
                        May 06, 2020 Reviews, Online Reviews, Online Presence, Digital Presence, Reputation Management
                        Local Search Marketing

                        How to Get Found with Local Search Marketing

                        When you’re looking for a business, whether it be a restaurant, a salon, an auto repair shop or another service, how do you search for it? Chances ...
                        May 04, 2020 Local SEO, Reviews, Online Reviews, Online Presence, Web Presence, Marketing Tips
                        Google 3 Pack

                        How to Rank in the Google 3 Pack

                        Google dominates the game of online search — that we all know. Google is the prevailing search engine that has monopolized the industry successfully ...
                        May 03, 2020 Local SEO, Online Presence, Web Presence, Google My Business

                        7 Reasons Local Businesses Should Accept Mobile Payments

                        Limiting your cash flow is the worst financial move you could make for your business. And as a business owner, you know this.
                        Apr 27, 2020 Payments, Payment Processing, Credit Cards

                        Top Sites You Should Have Business Reviews On in 2020

                        There's a dilemma between businesses and customers:
                        Apr 24, 2020
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