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                        6 Moments When You Need Customer Interaction Management


                        Customers interact with your business every single day. Some write Facebook comments or tag your business on Twitter. Others call, email or engage with chatbots on your website.

                        With so many channels to choose from, customers have plenty of opportunities to interact with your business. But if you want your business to grow, you'll need to keep tabs on all of these interactions. Without knowing what's going on, you won't be able to learn and improve.

                        Enter customer interaction management. This process helps you understand customer interactions to learn what works—and what doesn't. Customer interaction management reveals valuable best practices, all tailored to your audience.

                        Read on to explore six common customer interactions, and how you can make the most of them.

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #1: A Negative Online Review

                        Online reviews represent a crucial opportunity for customer interaction management. Online reviews offer a glimpse of customers' lived reality—not a sales pitch.

                        Unfortunately, online reviews often represent extreme sentiments. Customers are often motivated to post reviews after a negative experience. Too many negative online reviews can erode trust and hurt your reputation over time.

                        But negative reviews aren't a death knell, either. Businesses must master the art of responding to negative reviews. In a nutshell, customers want honesty and empathy in response to negative feedback. Otherwise, these delicate customer interactions can hurt more than they help you.

                        customer interaction management

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #2: A Newsletter Sign-Up

                        Not all interactions are difficult or negative. In fact, some interactions call for celebration. Customers who sign up to receive your email newsletter fit this criteria. Email marketing is one of the most direct and effective ways to engage your customers.

                        Customer interaction management helps you make the most of newsletter sign-ups. For example, you can use automation to send a welcome message to new subscribers. Small, thoughtful touches go a long way toward building better customer relationships.

                        Over time, your newsletter can yield even more valuable information. For example, you can use lead tracking to target highly engaged newsletter subscribers. Later, you can send special news or offers to this core segment.

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #3: A Local Search Query

                        When it comes to SEO, local search optimization should be a top priority. Google and other search engines prioritize nearby businesses in search results. If your business isn't showing up, you could be missing out.

                        Customer interaction management applies to local search, too. After all, local search is your chance to make a good first impression. Improve your local search presence by taking a few simple steps:

                        • Create or claim your profiles on Google, Bing and other local business directories
                        • Link your profile to your website
                        • Test keywords in the description field
                        • Choose your category wisely
                        • Add multimedia such as photos or videos

                        As a bonus, local search profiles, such as Google, often feature online reviews, too.

                        Local search represents the first step in a series of customer interactions. With online searches always on the rise, it's simply too important to overlook.

                        customer interaction management-1

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #4: A New Appointment Request

                        There was once a time when booking an appointment required picking up the phone. If everything went well, you'd reach a secretary who could quickly pencil you in. If things went poorly, you might end up listening to hold music—or never reaching anyone at all.

                        Customer interaction management helps you improve the overall booking experience. For example, GoSite's Booking tool is an end-to-end solution that allows customers to:

                        • Choose an available date and time through an online portal
                        • Receive SMS confirmations and reminders
                        • Cancel or reschedule appointments if something comes up

                        ...all with no hold music required.

                        When scheduling is seamless and flexible, customers won't hesitate to get an appointment on the books.

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #5: A Social Media Shoutout

                        Social media provides a constant influx of opportunities for customer interaction management. Social media marketing is also an inexpensive way to market your business online.

                        Most businesses focus on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But your customers might also congregate—and mention your business—on platforms like TikTok, YouTube and more.

                        Wherever customers tag your business, you should be ready to engage with them. Best of all, social media presents opportunities to get more creative and playful than other channels (within reason, of course).

                        Customer Interaction Management Moment #6: A Seamless Check Out Experience

                        Finally, it's time to talk about the customer interaction that matters most: purchases. Customer interaction management can help you streamline the check out process, providing a smooth experience.

                        One of the best ways to improve your check out process is by accepting credit card payments. If customers know they can use their favorite payment method safely and securely, they'll be more likely to shop with you again.

                        Your CRM software can support seamless check out, too. Look for software that integrates with all your systems. For example, GoSite's CRM includes a Quickbooks integration. This ensures all transactions and conversations remain in sync.

                        Want to learn more about GoSite's CRM software? Download our free eGuide for more tips!

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